New Zealand surfer fends off great white shark with punch to eye

They’re gonna have to have a even bigger swear jar.

A New Zealand surfer fended off a good white shark by punching it in the eye and yelling at it to “F–k off,” according to a report.

Nick Minogue, 60, was catching some waves off of Pauanui Seaside on the North Island around 11:30 a.m. Saturday when he was broadsided by the beast, in accordance to The New Zealand Herald.

“I was just paddling alongside and acquired hit on the aspect of my elbow and forearm,” Minogue instructed the outlet. “By the time I understood what was going on, its teeth had been certainly latched on to the entrance area of the board.”

The rapid-thinking Minogue recalled that sharks are vulnerable if strike in the nose or eyes — but resolved to add insult to injuries.

“I truly shouted at it ‘F–k off!” and went to punch it in the eye and skipped,” he informed the Herald. “Then I pulled my fist back again and shouted ‘F–k off!’ all over again and received it ideal smack bang in the eye.”

“In amongst the two punches, it crunched down a little bit much more on the board and then disengaged its enamel, acquired its jaws off,” he instructed the Herald. “Then I received brushed by the dorsal fin and the tail fin and swam off.”

Ahead of it went packing, though, Minogue got a excellent sufficient appear at the shark to consider he’d experienced a brush with a terrific white.

“It was a gray shark with a white bottom, likely a wonderful white. It was a massive head and jaw,” he claimed. “I variety of sat up in shock and decided to hit it. That was the only point to do.”

When he acquired again to shore, Minogue realized that the shark experienced taken a several compact chunks out of his board — as nicely as his arm.

“There was blood dripping out the sleeve of my soaked go well with. Luckily it was not too deep,” he informed the Herald. “Two tooth put holes in my soaked accommodate but only a single punctured the pores and skin.

“I’ve nevertheless received an arm and fingers, it could have been a large amount worse.”

Hoping that his lucky operate is not over just however, he told Radio New Zealand that he was contemplating obtaining a lotto ticket.

“I was really, very lucky,” he said. “If it experienced opened its jaws faster, it would’ve taken a bite out of the center of the board, it would’ve obtained probably my arm and fifty percent my torso. … It would’ve most probable been deadly.”