Asian man stabbed in suspected coronavirus-related hate crime

An Asian man is clinging to life after he was stabbed more than a dozen times while wearing a surgical mask in a Brooklyn attack that is being probed as a possible coronavirus-related hate crime, police sources said.

Li Qianyang, 48, was walking on 8th Avenue around 7:11 p.m. Saturday when an unknown assailant — also wearing a medical mask, as well as orange gloves — stalked up behind him and stabbed him 13 times in the back, head, arms, and chest before fleeing, police said.

One of the thrusts of the knife struck the victim in his heart, a police source said Sunday.

The attacker “was on top of him stabbing him,” the source told The Post.

Qianyang, who ended up in front of a cell phone store, was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center in critical condition and underwent emergency surgery Saturday night.

He remained critical and was likely to die, sources said Sunday.

The attack follows a caught-on-video incident Wednesday in which a man sprayed an Asian straphanger with Febreze aboard an N train in Sunset Park.

Police investigated the subway incident as a possible hate crime related to the coronavirus, which originated in China and has now infected more than 107,000 worldwide and killed more than 3,600.

“Asians have been getting harassed over the coronavirus, just like with SARS,” a police source said, referring to the 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.