Elected officials shouldn’t be penalized for holding office

It’s currently being documented that portion of the $2 trillion deal to bail out the financial system, signed by the Senate and the White Residence, is that Trump relatives firms can not acquire taxpayer guidance.

Why is this honest?

As I have prepared in advance of, I never feel elected officers really should gain from their business. But they shouldn’t be penalized possibly.

As soon as we go down that street, why would any individual who has been productive in their lives operate for community office or keep an appointed situation? Only unsuccessful people today with nothing to reduce will choose these employment.

Let’s acquire this a step even further. What if the Secretary of the Treasury has funds in a lender that goes bankrupt? Should his cash be ineligible for Federal Deposit Insurance policy Corp (FDIC) assures?

Of training course not.

I know a good deal of people are out to get President Trump, but enjoy the match quite.