Fed-up Italian leader threatens to send flamethrower-armed police officers to storm parties during lockdown

Italian leaders, both equally community and regional, are taking interesting routes in trying to crack down on people today who aren’t social distancing amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

One mayor even resolved to go “Robocop” on his citizens, and threatened to mail law enforcement officers armed with flamethrowers to kids’ graduation get-togethers if they refused to lock down and engage in social distancing, the Jerusalem Article reported.

What are the facts?

Vincenzo De Luca, president of Italy’s Campania region, issued a danger in opposition to citizens who refuse to abide by the country’s lockdown protocols. De Luca even went as far as to threaten teenagers who are insistent on partying for graduation.

In a online video that’s since long gone viral on the world wide web, De Luca can be heard issuing the directive.

“I am receiving news that some [people] would like to throw graduation get-togethers,” De Luca claims in the video clip. “We will mail the law enforcement more than. With flamethrowers.”

Cateno De Luca, mayor of Messina, Sicily, issued a equivalent promise.

“I am likely to catch you,” he warned, the Put up claimed. “Tomorrow, not in a 12 months. Tomorrow! I am the mayor. You will not likely stroll in my city. I can’t formally ban you from leaving your household? Great. I will ban you from stepping on public soil, if not for verified necessities.”

Giuseppe Falcomatà, mayor of Reggio, Calabria, was also on video boasting that he experienced a pleasant interaction with a citizen, whom he politely explained to off.

“Glimpse, this is not a motion picture,” he explained. “You are not Will Smith in ‘I Am Legend’. You have to go household.”

Potentially in a person of the extra colorful public choices, Massimiliano Presciutti, mayor of Gualdo Tadino, Perugia, blasted citizens in a profane online video. In Gualdo Tadino, citizens have reportedly been employing their puppies as excuses to leave the home on an incessant foundation.

“The place the f*** are you all heading?” he shouted. “You and your pet dogs … which have to have an infected prostate.”

Antonio Tutolo, mayor of Lucera, Foggio, implored the general public on a additional own level to continue to be household.

“Obtaining in cellular hairdressers? What the f*** is that for?,” Tutolo ranted. “Do you understand that the casket will be closed? Who the f*** is supposed to even see you? With your hair all finished in the casket?”

At the time of this writing, there has been 80,539 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country. At the very least 8,165 individuals in Italy have died for the reason that of the fatal pandemic.