Lil’ B debates putting Based God curse on coronavirus

COVID-19’s times may perhaps be numbered.

Influential and extremely on line rapper Lil’ B weighed in on the coronavirus pandemic Thursday and is seemingly contemplating casting his patented Based God curse on the ailment, however he’s at present ready to see if it’s “an act of God … or gentleman produced.”

For people of you out of the loop, Lil’ B has a background of cursing various entities, typically tied to the NBA. (The Bay Location MC uses “Based God” as a type of alter-moi). His most renowned victim so considerably has been Kevin Durant the NBA star was initial placed beneath the evil eye in 2011 for evidently contacting B “a wack rapper.”

Fox Sporting activities has a rundown of Durant’s time less than the curse, which involves a 3-1 blown Finals direct as nicely as a Jones fracture in his foot.

Another NBA star who toiled under B’s curse was James Harden: The Rockets star unsuccessful to give B the good credit rating for a specific dance transfer (When will they discover?). Harden’s hexed interval was from October 2015 to June 2017, and while he did reliable figures individually although beneath the affect of the curse, the Rockets unsuccessful to acquire any rings all through that time.

The Atlanta Hawks, for just one, curried favor with B to stay clear of the curse missing such an avenue, the coronavirus may possibly be in for a rough year.