Trump Shuts Down Reporter for ‘Gotcha Question’ on Jared Kushner

President Donald Trump shut down a problem from a reporter on Friday, dismissing what he explained as a “gotcha question” about his son-in-legislation, Jared Kushner.

CBS reporter Weijia Jiang questioned why Kushner said “our” stockpile though referring to the federal stockpile of professional medical supplies as opposed to state stockpiles.

Trump was not amused.

“So what are you asking … what is that, a gotcha dilemma?” he replied.

Trump said that “our” meant the “United States” and included all of the states in the country.

“It’s these a essential, straightforward concern, and you consider and make it so bad,” Trump said. “You oughta be ashamed of you.”

As Jiang continued urgent him, Trump moved on, “I gave you a perfect reply. You know it.”