‘Ludicrous’ Trump Doesn’t Have National Effort on Coronavirus

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Push,” Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) said it is “ludicrous” President Donald Trump is not mounting a “national effort” to beat the coronavirus pandemic.

Inslee said, “We’ve had good communications with the vice president, with the CDC. All those have been excellent. But this is ludicrous that we do not have a countrywide work in this. To say we’re a backup, I suggest, the surgeon normal alluded to Pearl Harbor. Can you picture if Franklin Delano Roosevelt explained, ‘I’ll be correct driving you, Connecticut? Great luck constructing those people battleships’? Seem, we will need a national mobilization of the production base of the United States, as we started on December 8, 1941.”

“We need to nationally mobilize, applying the Protection Creation Act so that we can get these businesses, alternatively of building cup holders, to start off building visors,” he ongoing. “Start building exam kits. We don’t have sufficient examination kits by much in my point out or everywhere in the United States. So we, governors, Republicans and Democrats, have been urging the president to do what he must, which is if he needs to be a wartime president, be a wartime president. Show some management. Mobilize the industrial base of the United States. That is what we have to have.”

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